The Council, which governs the university within the confines of the Higher Education Act 1997 (Act No 101 of 1997) and University Statute as per Government Gazette No 37235, was offically inducted on 1 May 2014.
The council members are:

1. Judge N Dambuza: Ministerial Appointee (Chairperson)

2. Mr S Khondlo: Ministerial Appointee (Deputy chairperson)

3. Mrs CC Mulder: Elected by the Council

4. Ms NY Tyamzashe: Elected by the Council

5. Dr L Mpahlwa: (External memember)

6. Mr TS Zakuza: Elected by the Council

7. Mr L Holbrook: Ministerial Appointee

8. Professor Bongani Mayosi: Ministerial Appointee

9. Mr LN Capa: Ministerial Appointee

10. Ms GT Serobe: Elected by the Council

11. Dr VF Mahlati: Elected by the Council

12. Professor R Midgley: Vice-Chancellor and Principal

13. Ms N Bam (External member)


15. Dr P Jaca: Senate Representative

16. Mr A Sepeng: Senate Representative

17. Mr S Tshangela: Non-Senate non-Academic Representative

18. Advocate  Z Tiya (Convocation)

19. Advocate W Qaji (Convocation)