A day spent reminiscing about the old Xhosa practises, had both students and staff members sitting in awe as cultural expert, Loyiso Nqevu shared his knowledge about the Xhosa traditions and culture.


The hall at the Ibika site boasted of men and women in different colours and styles of traditional attires. The room was loud with music, dance and ululating.


The day was spent engaging about the different practices that exist amongst the Xhosa people and how the modern world has evolved so much that people have forgotten about their origin.


Upon arrival, Nqevu boasted about his africaness and about his pride in being a black person.


“I am an african and I am proud to be black. Our mind-set has been developed to make us think that being black is not a good thing, for centuries our sisters have put make up on their faces to try and change the colour of their skin not realising that being black is more than enough,” said Nqevu.


To emphasise his point, Nqevu went on to make an example about how the highest level of karate was a black belt and how one of the top peanut butter brands was black cat.


“We are no longer on the path of being African. We have been misled to believe that we will obtain happiness when we have long passed on, which is not true because being an african is wonderful,” said Nqevu.


Nqevu spoke about how young women need to behave themselves according to the way they were raised and try not to give away that which has been intended for their future husbands.


He also mentioned that young men need to understand that being a man is not measured by the number of women that a man has shared a bed with but rather by his actions and a strong character.


Nqevu also touched on the customs followed by the amaXhosa people such as Lobola, intonjane and what used to happen in the olden when a boy was suspected of having “damaged” a girl even before a girl was said to be pregnant.


The WSU drama society performed a praise poem as a way of welcoming Nqevu on stage.


By: Vuyolwethu Nzolongwane



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