Evidence shows that the HIV/Aids pandemic is evolving at an astonishing speed particularly in South Africa. Considering the enormity of the problem, there are concerns that focus on economic and political issues does not adequately address the need of a response to HIV/Aids. Higher education leaders are therefore given a task to influence their national agendas and international discourse towards a more comprehensive response within education by ensuring that prevention; treatment, care and support are adequately provided for thousands of students and employees through sustainable and effective programs. HEAIDS has noted that for HIV/Aids to be tackled appropriately it has to be addressed equally at all levels of human development.



Walter Sisulu University established the Centre for HIV/Aids (CHA) in 2009 after receiving a grant from European Union (EU) via HESA programme called Higher Education Aids programme (HEAIDS). The main objective of the centre is to coordinate HIV/Aids programmes that are running at WSU and facilitate the integration of HIV/Aids in the University curriculum and research.

“HIV/Aids is likely to be with us for a long time, but how far it spreads and how much damage it does is entirely up to us” (Peter Piot UNAIDS, 2004 : 9)



The WSU Centre for HIV/Aids (CHA) strives to be the leading role player in preventing the spread and impact of HIV infection among students, staff and communities.



The Centre for HIV/Aids will develop a well-coordinated and highly effective and efficient response to the HHIV/Aids pandemic by:

  1. Coordinating the development of high quality programmes that are effective in prevention, and promotion of care and support for all people affected and living with HIV/Aids
  2. Building capacity to manage and mitigate the impact of HIV/Aids
  3. Advocating and lobbying for HIV/Aids policy and programme implementation.


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