In line with the core business of pushing academia forward at Walter Sisulu University, the Centre for Learning, Teaching Development (CLTD) has gathered all key departments to formulate how the university can further its e-learning system, WiseUp.


WiseUp, also known as BlackBoard, is a e-learning system designed to enable teaching and learning outside the traditional classroom. The event, organised by the CLTD, was opened by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Research, Professor Mahlomaholo Mahlomaholo who uttered the importance of involving technology within the WSU teaching system, ‘so that we too progress with the world in this digital era which makes it more efficient and effective to learn.’


The departments, namely Library and Information Services led by Senior Director Pateka Ntshuntshe-Matshaya, the ICT department, key staff at the CLTD and also representatives from the company behind the BlackBoard application, Eiffelcorp, gave insight into their programmes and how they think, the advancement of learning can be achieved.


“This is an excellent idea from the CLTD to have all of us in one place because we all have one goal, which is ensuring the student has the best academic experience at WSU. This will enable us to work as a whole instead of independently.” Said WSU’s longest serving Librarian Noluthando Mpeta.


So far, the university has managed to disperse new computer systems and build laboratories for the integration of technology in learning and teaching {with the Butterworth Campus leading in improvements and results} but that has not yielded the planned outcome due to a lack of partnership and understanding from the CLTD department, lecturers, librarians and the ICT department, but the CLTD also wanted Eiffelcorp to give a helping hand in making WiseUp a more student friendly app.


In conclusion, the workshop saw the establishment of a set of commitments to be met as soon as the next term opens which will see the departments adding valuable growth to the many students who have trusted WSU as their basis for a better life.


By: Simo Cele and Kgwase Qhali

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