Depression and other forms of mental health issues should not be seen as a minor problem but as important as a deadly disease, which the WSU clinic and phycology department thrives towards.


Today, as people throughout the world further raise awareness of depression and mental health, the WSU Clinic has also declared their long fight towards aiding students with mental health wellness and eradicating the stigma behind mental health.


“World Mental Health Day serves as a reminder to us all, that we must take care- not only our physical but also mental health. It reminds us that we must assess our mental states and know the influencing factors causing an imbalance to our system” said the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences’ Dr Zukiswa Zingela.


Dr Zingela works alongside WSU’s medicine students (MBChB), teaching them about mental health whilst also a resident doctor at the mental health unit of the Nelson Mandela Clinic in Mthatha.


Mental Health Day is a day where informative talks and are encouraged and endorsed as a means of changing the state of mental health where in South Africa about 10% of the people are suffering from mental health yet never seek help or speak put because of fear.


As an academic institution, WSU’s commitment to being a haven for those living with mental health has risen through the work of the clinic and psychology services provided on each campus.


The clinic aims at being the first line whenever a student feels overwhelmed by their state of being with the provision of counselling, referral to social workers, psychiatrists or a doctor for assessment.


Dr Zingela said the department will be hosting a mental health informative campaign with students, patients, parents and the community too.


By: Simo Cele

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