Walter Sisulu University’s Head for the Enactus programme, Khanyisa Mbali is headed to London after being awarded with the faculty advisor award at Enactus national tournament held in Johannesburg from the 11-12 July 2017.


Enactus is a student powering organization that seeks to eradicate poverty through entrepreneurial skills and empowerment. Ms Mbali, affectionately known as ‘SisKay’ is a proud product of Walter Sisulu University, currently studying towards her second postgraduate qualification in Marketing. She is responsible for 302 students across WSU belonging to the Enactus programme.


For the 2017 Enactus tournaments, ten students from each campus were chosen to represent WSU with 26 other South African universities to present their projects embarked upon throughout the year and the level of progress being made.


The WSU Enactus team currently has six projects under the belt but presented two up and running projects, namely project Amele and project Sinenjongo.

Amele project aims at massive food production through organic farming,  creating job opportunities through recycling of waste. The project uses red wiggler worms, which feed on biodegradable waste and excrete liquid fertilizer and solid compost Worm farming and Waste Management through reduce, recycle and reuse.


Sinenjongo is a project located at Centane in the deep rural areas of Butterworth under Mnquma Local Municipality. This project came as a response to the issue of deforestation, (which) was steered (up) by the community members in the Manubi forest.


SisKay, whom many claim is a highly driven black woman with a passion for student development since her early tertiary years, says being given the opportunity to mentor students is a privilege, especially WSU students who come from across the Eastern Cape and have the ability to contribute to the longtime growth of their communities. But she also admits there has been a few challenges in being in her shoes but it has taught her to be more tolerant and understanding of the students.


To prove her dedication to the cause, SisKay gave four first time attendees to present the projects and progress at WSU while two others were second time presenters, of which they all took it by the horn.


“I want our institution and student community to give this programme an eye, see its potential and assist us change the status quo bit by bit” said the Mthatha born SisKay.


The Enactus team seeks students who are passionate about bringing change to society and changing the lives of others to contact SisKay at the Buffalo City Campus Student Services offices, Eskom House.

By: Simo Cele

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