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What are some of the forms of financial support available for students at Walter Sisulu University?So what is NSFAS then? What does academically deserving mean? What does financially needy mean? Do all students who apply for loans receive financial aid? What do I need to know about applying for financial aid at WSU? Where must my application form be sent/handed in? What happens if I don’t have all the necessary documentation? Do I have to apply every year? Do I have to pay an application fee to apply for financial aid? What happens after I hand in my application form? What happens when I accept the offer for NSFAS student financial aid? When will the loans funds be available? What happens to any money that is left available in my student fee account once all my university costs have been paid for? And if my application is not successful, and I don’t get NSFAS funding? What about if I do have outstanding supplementary exam results at the time of registration? What is the selection criteria for the funding?


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