Following the end-term of the previous Institutional Forum (IF), the office of the Registrar has held a two-day induction workshop for the incoming IF members which consists of all stakeholders at the university.


The IF, comprised of labour, student representatives, university management, senate and convocation aim at finding lasting solutions when performing their duty as a tool to foster transformation and being an advisory board to the university council. By being a body that represents all stakeholders, the IF seeks to grow the university with one voice and the creation of the Campus Institutional Forum will serve as an effective and structured path for the IF’s objectives.


“The IF is the only multi-stakeholder function and thus a very critical structure within the governance of the university. The decision to induct IF members was to clarify their role at WSU and also facilitate the symposium,” said WSU Registrar Khaya Maphinda.


The induction, had the Vice Chancellor and Principal of the university, Professor Rob Midgley together with Deputy Vice Chancellor Professor Mahlomaholo Mahlomaholo, giving talks on the IF being a fundamental governance structure in South Africa’s Higher Education Act and WSU’s constitution.


Midgley expressed how the visibility of the IF creates space for university management to work alongside a unique structure that deals with ensuring university policy is followed at all sections, making it easier to recognize and correct shortfalls.


Set towards transformation the WSU brand, the IF is firmly built on moving WSU from an historically-disadvantaged situation towards one in which the institution becomes known for excellence in teaching and learning, increasing the socio-economic conditions of the people of SA, creating conducive learning and teaching environments for students and staff and being an institution of choice that all stakeholders are proud to belong to.


By: Simo Cele.










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