The Intellicard is the financial card which is used by students who are financed by NSFAS. These are issued once the agreement has been signed by the student. Find out to activate the card.
Activating the card during Student Registration 
Once the student has been notified that their application for financial aid has been successful, the student will be asked to come to the Financial Aid Office to sign their agreement. Once the student has signed all the relevant forms the Financial Aid Officer will transfer the students’ allowances to IntelliCard and provide the student with a tap-a-tag. At the same time, the student will be notified (via sms) that their allowances have been loaded on IntelliCard and will also receive a pin to use with their tap-a tag.
The tap-a-tag can be registered in one of two ways:
1. The student can log into the IntelliCard website using his/her student number and pin that was sent earlier. The student can select the Register Tag. This student will be prompted to enter the tag number which can be found at the back of the card. The student will be asked to verify their pin and the tag will be registered against the student’s profile. The student can immediately start spending their allowances once this process has been completed.
2. The student can register his tag on the machine at the financial aid office. Once the register option is selected the student will be requested to swipe their tag on the left side of the machine. The student will be prompted for their Student Number and their Identity Number and will also be asked to enter the pin that was sms’d to them. The student will be asked to verify their pin and the registration request will be sent to the IntelliCard server. If successful the machine will print out a slip with the students’ details. The student can immediately start spending their allowances.



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