WSU’s NRF rated researchers

The National Research Foundation’s rating system is a key driver in its aim to build a globally competitive science system in South Africa. It is a valuable tool for benchmarking the quality of our researchers against the best in the world. NRF ratings are allocated based on a researcher’s recent research outputs and impact as perceived by international peer reviewers. The rating system encourages researchers to publish high quality outputs in high impact journals/outlets. Rated researchers as supervisors will impart cutting-edge skills to the next generation of researchers.


Department of Science and Technology/National Research Ivy GodukaFoundation/SARCHI/Research Chair

NRF Research Chair

WSU currently has Prof N Goduka as the Chair in Indigenous Knowledge Systems.



WSU’s NRF rated researchers


Professor B Longo-Mbenza (C2 NRF rated researcher) More about this rating Professor of Cardiology


Benedicta N Nkeh-Chungag Associate (C3 NRF rated researcher) More about this rating

Professor of Physiology 

Highest Qualification: PhD

Prof Oyedeji


Prof Adebola Omowunmi Oyedeji  (L NRF rated researcher) More about this rating

Professor of Organic Chemistry

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