The Directorate of Research Development held a three-day proposal writing workshop for Educational Sciences students in East London from 29 to 31 October, 2018.


The workshop was attended by Masters and Doctoral students who wish to learn more about proposal writing so they may improve on their research work.


Nolwandle Nyokana, Master of Education student, said, “The workshop was very eye opening for me, I had no idea where to begin to structure my proposal, I even thought an introduction needs to take the whole page only to find out that half a page is fine.”


She added that she also didn’t know of the four aspects that need to be highlighted in the introduction such as the scope, gap and others that Dr Buka had mentioned in the workshop.


Charles Atoliyah, PhD student, said, “I gained in three days what I failed to understand in five months, from the structure of the proposal to submitting. Dr Buka and his team made us understand that research is no different with the research proposal being the pivot point.”


He further added that presenters stressed the importance of the proposal having a structure in accordance with the university prescribed format, topic properly researched and answering the 5 W’s and H with adequate citation both in-text and in the reference list and lastly having timeliness from completion of proposal to submitting final research work for marking by internal and external examiners.


Dr Sitoza Menzani, workshop facilitator, said, “ The students surely needed the workshop as most issues were not clear to them and if workshops of that nature can be organised many would finish their research in no time.”


He further expressed that the students participated to the best of their abilities and interacting with them helped in mutual development. Should they not have attended the workshop; it was going to take them a long time before submitting their proposals. He also added that since they attended, he is sure that very soon proposals will be finished.


Dr Elphinah Cishe, Director in the Directorate of Research Development, said, “What I am going to emphasise to you is not to plagiarise, own your work. It is now common for students to take each other’s work and just change names and I can spot that from a distance and I hope that other supervisors do as well.”


-By Anita Roji

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