Walter Sisulu University Quality Week (WQW)
Why Quality Week?

World Quality Day and National Quality Week were introduced by the United Nations in 1990 to increase worldwide awareness of the important contribution that quality makes towards a nation’s and an organisation’s growth and prosperity.
The South African Quality Institute (SAQI) identified the month of November as the Quality Month and second week of November as National Quality Week and Thursday of that week as World Quality Day. A number of activities are identified by South African organisations and they are done jointly with SAQI. Walter Sisulu University is a full member of the SAQI under the guidance of Quality Management Directorate. In previous years QMD had a number of activities for the Quality Week.
The purpose of Quality Week is to promote awareness of quality around the world and to encourage individuals’ and organisations’ growth and prosperity. At WSU the purpose of the WQW is to inculcate the culture of quality at Faculty, Departmental/Units level so as to empower and increase participation of WSU stakeholders in quality assurance activities.
In a global economy where success depends on quality, innovation and sustainability, Quality Week at WSU would be our chance to reinforce these as the foundations of our organization and focus on the importance of Quality.
WSU Quality Week

The second week of October is identified as the WSU Quality Week by Quality Management Directorate.
Objectives of WQW

  • The main objective of WQW is to instill the culture of quality at WSU in all the Faculties, Schools, Departments and Academic Support Units as a whole.
  • To bring awareness to WSU community about quality assurance activities.
  • To empower and increase involvement of WSU stakeholders in quality assurance matters.


Quality Week
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