A student living in the new 380-bed residence situated at the Buffalo City campus’s Potsdam Site has described the experience of living in the structure as “a privilege”.


First-year Extended Programme Analytical Chemistry (AC) student Mathemba Mketsi heaped praise upon the University for its efforts in mitigating the residential crisis facing the University through the building of the structure.


“This is a fantastic structure – it has Wi-Fi, 24-hour security, a study hall, a great living space with all the necessities that a student needs. It even came with stoves, a fridge, a TV set and a laundry service,” said Mketsi.


His roommate and fellow Analytical Chemistry student, Sipho Maqhiza, described the environment at the new residence as the most conducive environment for learning that he’s ever been exposed to.


He said the equipment, infrastructure and services afforded to the students at the residence gave them the necessary tools and support to allow them to concentrate solely on their core business – learning.


“This is an ideal situation for any student and I would encourage the University to build more of the same residence in other parts of the University so that our fellow students can have the same experience we have. We are truly advantaged,” said Maqhiza.


Third-year Information Technology student Sinovuyo Zondani, who enjoys the comforts of a single room by virtue of being in her final year, describes her stay at the new residence as a life-altering experience.


After residing at the “old residence”, which is literally a stone’s throw away from the new building, in her first two years as a student, Zondani struggles to find words to articulate the impact the move has had on her personal and academic life.


“There’s a huge difference, which must be closed, between the old residence and the new residence. Stuff that I had to worry about as a student at the old residence are now non-issues. I can now concentrate solely on my books. I feel like this is what the ideal student experience is supposed to be like,” she said.

Her fellow student, third-year AC student Amanda Kopolo said living in the new residence has enhanced her academic confidence and prowess.

“There’s definitely been a marked improvement in my performance academically because of the environment I’m in. The study hall, coupled with the Wi-Fi service has played a huge role in my pursuit for better academics,” she concluded.


The R99-million facility is built according to the pod design, which is very different in comparison to other residences.


In this particular design, a unit consists of a kitchenette, three double rooms and two single rooms, allowing for the University to create student communes for 384 students.


By Thando Cezula

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