Founder of the Onodoli Boutique, and WSU Alumnus Andiswa Shenxane is a representation of what beautiful dolls should look like, not only does she make beautiful dresses for women, she dresses elegantly.


Shenxane described herself as a “dynamite waiting to explode, a doll carrying so much love for beautifully dressed women and a strong believer of empowerment amongst each other”.


Through the storms of winter that Shenxane has come across in her life, she has emerged victorious and it is because of these challenges that she is where she is today.

With a diploma in Fashion Design, Shenxane worked in retail before she opened her own boutique.


“I took a leap of faith when I stopped working at a retail and worked for myself, the first challenge was not having enough funds to stand on my feet,” said Shenxane.


At the start of her business, her main challenge was marketing her brand.


“After I opened a shop my challenge was not knowing how to market my brand that hit me because personally my work speaks for me as I am less of a talker and for me Facebook helped me so much, “said Shenxane.


Now that she has established a way to market her designs, her main challenge is pricing her items.


“One of my biggest challenge is pricing, it is difficult for people to accept a designer price as opposed to retail price,” said Shenxane.


One day, Shenxane hopes to be remembered as a trendsetter and hopes to extend her business to other provinces.


Shanxane said she has plans to study further, in either B.Com Fashion or Fashion Analyst.


By: Vuyolwethu Nzolongwane

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