WSU’s Institutional and campus management welcomes first time entering students at all four of the institutions campuses.


Though the first few months of the year were accompanied by student unrest at the campuses, orientation did take place and first time entering students were catered for accordingly.


“Orientation is of key importance for students because they get to fimiliarize themselves with different spaces, be it academic, student support and us as the student body,” said student representative council (SRC) member Thuli Lawana.


In a quest to go the extra mile for its student community, the Queenstown campus hosted their orientation with a five day plan and also hosted a parents gathering to discuss the involvement of parents in the students higher education path.


Honoured by the university’s Vice-Chancellor and principal, Prof Rob Midgley and Queenstown Campus Rector, Prof McGlory Speckman.


“This is a beautiful opportunity, use it and do not waste it. Do not disappoint yourself” said the VC to the many first time entering students, of which more than half are first time generation entering higher education.


The event, running for its second time this year, is the first of its kind for the university and currently only practised at the Queenstown Campus. The motivation behind the Welcoming Day is to create and foster a relationship between the university, parents and students.


“As the only university in this region, we are a vital source to the development of the area of Queenstown and its surrounding areas, therefore having the Welcoming Day is our way of being an inclusive campus and showing parents that they too have a voice and responsibility in their children’s university life” said Queenstown Rector Prof Speckman.


Prof Rob Midgley, on the other hand, couldn’t stop praising the campus for creating this very important’ event where the university interacts with parents and assures them that their children are indeed at a university dedicated to the growth and being a positive member of society.


The set of words spoken by campus management throughout the campuses seemed to address the elephant at all institutions, the funding of one’s education and the declaration of fee-free education, with most expressing how WSU has answered the call to offer first time entering students who qualify for NSFAS and whose parent/ guardian’s  annual income by is within the range declared by the president, WSU will offer entrance to these students that NSFAS will pay  the university for but will be made as a bursary to first time entering students only.


Student Affairs Executive Director, Zoleka Dotwana, and Queenstown Campus Student Representative Council president Lerato Tshefu focussed on encouraging the new set of students to be responsible, headstrong but also to enjoy themselves and campus life.


‘Do not be misled by external factors but rather work and play hard, find balance and be a fully fitted graduate. WSU has produced leading names in sports, join one and be part of something big.” said Dotwana.


SRC president Lerato Tshefu wasted no time when addressing students, explaining that they will require energy and strength for the journey they are about to embark on, reminding the students and parents to always communicate if ever in need of assistance but also to enjoy and make it the lifetime opportunity it is, to be part of the WSU Queenstown campus.


The Centre for Learning, Teaching Development is at the for forefront of orientation and student development as the office’s mandates is to ensure student success and the building of a WSU student with a wealth of knowledge.

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