WSU’s Applied Informatics and Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) department recently launched their Computer Aided Mathematical Instructions (CAMI) programme this week with Mzokhanyo High School as the candidate school.


The pioneer programme is the first of its kind to High School pupils but began last year to extended programme students studying engineering.


“In our efforts to increase student knowledge of mathematics we partnered with the department of education to identify a school that requires mathematical intervention as part of the department’s efforts to close the gap between tertiary and high school mathematics” said Chairperson of the Community Engagement Committee at the AIMS department Yanga Tshazibana.


The AIMS department alongside the CLTD pioneered and funded the programme. At least 40 pupils from Mziwonke High School in Duncan Village were chosen to be monitored this year running till next year throughout their matric period.


This year, the pupils will receive 8 lessons, each consisting of 4 hours of mathematics that is programmed and user friendly.


Mathematics lecturer and founder of the CAMI programme, Lynette Bester said the department tried the testing with its students and received positive responses with student results and therefore saw it best to introduce the application to high school pupils so that they enter the programme with adequate knowledge and ability to proceed.


“The introduction of the CAMI programme to pupils will help us assess the effectiveness of the programme and also how the pupils can grasp maths concepts in a short period of time,” said Bester.


Furthermore, the department said they also hope the CAMI programme will assist with achieving better results for the engineering NBT which all students write upon acceptance to the department.


With the world and education changing to digital and software, the department said they view the step to programming as a step in the right direction for the future of WSU and learning.


The department has expressed that they wish to take this initiative to schools across the country from primary to high schools.


By: Simo Cele

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