Walter Sisulu University (WSU) is working tirelessly on getting its Law degree accredited with the expertise of the internationally acclaimed human rights scholar, academic and a lawyer, Vinodh Jaichand.


Prof Jaichand is an NRF C1 rated scholar who previously worked at the University of Witwatersrand as the Head of their Law school. He also worked as the deputy director of the Irish Centre for Human Rights in the National University of Ireland for nine years, he holds a PhD in Juridical Science, Cum Laude from the University of Notre Dame, Indiana.


“I am here to rethink with my colleagues of all the constraints  that the department has and for a change I would like to be that support person and see if we can pass each of the hurdles that we think are on the way. I will be a mentor to my colleagues but I hope I will find someone to mentor me as well because no one is a finished product.”


Jaichand further said that having been there himself and having experience of that he understands what it is like but he fortunately had support and guidance on what to do on his research.


Jaichand has been appointed as the Professor of Law in the department of Legal Studies with effect from 1 November, 2018.


“I will be teaching two courses here which will be determined by the head of department. I am in charge of research. I am also tasked with the big task of dealing with research productivity amongst my colleagues and research productivity from students. I will be supervising Masters researchers.”


“One thing about research is; the more often you are successful the better the researcher you are but more rejections you get, the more deflated you are. Institutions all around the world are often not good at supporting people at the point of rejection and that’s when you are on your own.”


Prof Jaichand is currently busy with the Council of Higher Education’s reaccreditation of the LLB accreditation.


-By Anita Roji




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