Walter Sisulu University Public Administrations honours student, Pasika Nyangiwe will be amongst 11 South Africans to attend the second International Youth Summit at the University of Lahore in Pakistan.


The summit will give the youth in attendance a chance to express their cultural ideologies because of enthusiasm shown of their cultural identities. There are three main themes that will be covered namely, peace, culture and an inclusive society.


Growing up, Nyangiwe said he had to play the keyboard in order to assist with putting food on the table and put himself through school because of the situation at home.


“When I was doing grade 8, life was hard and I had to find ways to survive. I then discovered a skill to play the keyboard and decided to continue my grade 11 at Umtata Technical College and Commercial High School because of the opportunities that came with the area such as clientele for my keyboard business,” said Nyangiwe.


Nyangiwe said he applied into the Public Administration course in order to improve his home status and break the chains of poverty.


“Public Administration is the kind of field that I wanted to get into because of its relevance to the practice of government across the world,” said Nyangiwe.


Nyangiwe will be traveling to Pakistan between the 23rd and 24th of November for the summit which will be held over seven days. Nyangiwe will be making a presentation on the inclusive society theme.


“I am hoping to gain experience of engaging youth around the world and understanding their perspectives on the issues that affect our societies. I also wish to take with me from the summit how Pakistan on its own addresses issues of peace, culture and fighting in the society through inequality depending on the issues at present,” said Nyangiwe.


Nyangiwe aspires to be amongst the names of those who made a meaningful impact in the society.


“In the next five years I am hoping to be amongst the best black policy analysts and developers that South Africa has ever had in history and hope to contribute towards changes in our societies in a very positive way,” said Nyangiwe.


The summit will start on the 26th of November 2018 till the 2nd of December 2018.


By: Vuyolwethu Nzolongwane

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