A little charity can go a long way as proven by WSU’s Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Professor Rob Midgley with his handsome monthly donation that should inspire a ripple effect within the university community.


Under stringent austerity measures taken by the University recently, coupled with other such donations; those in need within the university could find themselves in a more rewarding and conducive space.


Midgley said life is more than climbing the corporate ladder and financial status, but if one is able to extend a hand to help another they should do so.


“Universities play an important role in one’s life, especially in providing a platform for one to succeed and to be financially independent. It seems fair and reasonable to say thank you to those who assisted you along the way to be in a privileged position. And if the money is used to assist others potentially to be in the same situation, then why not get the satisfaction of seeing others improve their circumstances. Life should not only be about oneself, but also about how one contributes to society,” said Midgley.


In addition, Midgley was emphatic on how the money should have a direct impact on students and staff at the university as opposed to the university itself.


“The act of giving is not for the benefit of WSU, except perhaps indirectly. One gives because one is inclined to help others improve their lives. The benefit will go to needy people within the Institution, hopefully, not the Institution itself,” he said.


The Vice-Chancellor hopes his act of giving will serve as a clarion call that will petition WSU convocants and alumni to reciprocate to the university.


“Life is not only about oneself and one’s family. If one is able to help others, then one should do so. I get a salary that is more than I need to live on. I am therefore able to assist,” Midgley added.


However, Midgley pressed that there is no point in giving an amount that leaves nothing for distribution after bank charges and other administrative costs.


Professor Midgley has been a consistent donor to the university since he took office in 2016.


By: Sinawo Hermans

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