Faculty of Education

About the Faculty of Education


To endeavour to be an impactful faculty in the preparation and development of teachers of the highest quality, and the promotion of research as well as innovative and critical skills required to uplift regional, provincial, national and international communities.


The Faculty is committed to excellence in:

  • Pre-and in-service teacher education programmes
  • Providing teachers with relevant knowledge and skills
  • The preparation of teachers in Mathematics, Science and Technology as well as other critical school learning (subject) areas, suited for schools located in a predominantly rural environment
  • Community development programmes through adult education and community training
  • Equipping students with socio-scientific and developmental knowledge and skills to contribute meaningfully to the socio-economic development of the region and beyond.


  • To be an impactful teacher education faculty in the Eastern Cape and beyond
  • To be a hub and custodian of diverse teacher education programmes of the highest quality which address the full range of teacher education needs in the education system, with emphasis on Mathematics, Science and Technology Education as well as other critical school learning areas
  • To uphold and advance the socio-economic developmental role of teacher education through effective conscientisation of teachers, community development agencies and community development workers
  • To nurture, through the study of social scientific knowledge and research skills, innovative, creative and critical skills required to improve the quality of life of society
  • To reflect, represent and express both in deed and outlook an epitome of teacher professional ethical standards of the highest quality.


  • To expand the range of teacher education programmes that address the needs of all the school phases in the education system
  • To address the quantitative and qualitative teacher shortages and weaknesses in the education system effectively by streamlining the programmes
  • To integrate pre-and in-service teacher education such that it becomes a continuous process, catering for the lifelong learning of teachers
  • To form partnerships with relevant stakeholders in line with our vision.


  • Mathematics, Science and Technology Education
  • Project-Based Model for Teacher Education
  • Diversity and Inclusivity in Teacher Education
  • Decolonisation and Education Transformation
  • Fourth Industrial Revolution in Education
  • Pedagogy and Learning
  • Community Engagement.