Faculty of Education & School Development

Faculty of Education


The Faculty of Education and School Development aspires to be a leading faculty in meeting the educational needs of local and national communities within an African continental context by pursuing academic excellence and innovation.


The Faculty will:

  • Provide the best solutions to education challenges within communities through research, teacher education and development and community engagement.
  • Provide programmes that focus on developing creative, critical and reflective competencies and allow students to emerge as agents of change in pursuit of excellence and innovation through the use of technology.
  • Identify community challenges and problems and seek solutions.
  • Generate new knowledge and ideas that shape, enhance and inform modern learning and teaching methodologies.
  • Participate in community engagement to enhance values, wisdom, lifestyles and quality of life in rural communities.

Administrative Staff

Faculty Dean (Acting) 

Dr T Mpiti

PhD, Med, BEd (Hons), BEd (UFH), CSATC (CCDC), Pre-School Management (CCDC), Certificate in Business Management (Boston), Certificate in Business Administration (Boston), Intermediate Certificate in Marketing Management (Boston)

Email pmpiti@wsu.ac.za

Administrative Assistants

Ms T Nyathela

Room C10

Email tnyathiela@wsu.ac.za

Mr L Sixhoka

Room 10

Email Lsixhoka@wsu.ac.za 

Academic Staff

The Faculty staff members, besides lecturing, assist to:

  • Submit national and international publications in accredited journals and at
  • Partake in community engagement activities in and around the Whittlesea
  • Provide learner and educator support for local.

Head of Department (Acting)

Curriculum Studies

Dr N Mtsi

PhD, MEd; BEd (Hons) Curriculum Planning and Implementations); BEd Natural Sciences & Educational Technology (UFH); ACE, University of Pretoria; Primary Teacher’s Diploma (Cicira Training College)

Room D1

Email nmtisi@wsu.ac.za

Dr H Kasumba

PhD (NWU) MA (NMMU); BA Hons (UFH); BA with Education (concurrently) - (Makerere University Uganda)

Room B17 (Masibulele Site)

Email hkasumba@wsu.ac.za


Dr N Marongwe

PhD Educational Psychology (WSU); MEd Curriculum & Arts; Bed; Diploma in Education (UZ); Certificate in Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Language (TESOL Canada); International Certificate in HIV/Aids (TASO Uganda); Certificate in Health Courses (UZ); Certificate in Guidance & Counselling (Mutare Teachers College, Zimbabwe); Certificate in Postgraduate Supervision Studies (RU); International Computer Driving Licence (WSU)

Room B14

Email nmarongwe@wsu.ac.za


Dr S Chiphambo

PhD, Med (Maths Ed); BEd (Hons) Maths Ed (RU); Bed (Maths & Science); Primary Teacher’s Diploma (Lilongwe Teacher’s Training College)

Room B7

Email schiphambo@wsu.ac.za


Dr S Chisango

PhD, MA Communication Science; BA (Hons) Communication Science (Unisa); Advanced Project Management (Unisa SBL); BEd English (MSU); Diploma in Education (UZ); Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Wits University

Room D2

Email gchisango@wsu.ac.za


Mr M Mkontwana

BA (UFH), BA (Hons) (UFH), BA (Hons) (UP), MA (UFS), PGD GPT (UFS), Teacher's Diploma (Masibulele College)

Room B16

Email mmkontwana@wsu.ac.za


Mr DP Tyebileyo

Room B21

MEd (WSU); B Ed (Unitra); BA (UFH); PTD (Masibulele College of Education)

Email dtyebileyo@wsu.ac.za

Mr O Madalambana

MEd, Bed (Hons) (WSU); ACE (NWU); Teachers Diploma (Clarkebury College)

Room B16 

Email omadalambana@wsu.ac.za


Mr Agyeman Nana

MBA (Mancosa), MSC Management (Southern Business School); Business Administration (Hons) (SBS), ADM (SBS), HND Accountancy (Kumasi Polytechnic); PGCE (Unisa)

Room B17

Email nagyeman@wsu.ac.za

Mr A Ncokazi


Room B21

Email ancokazi@wsu.ac.za


Ms Z Seleke

Room B21

MEd Educational Policy and Administration (WSU); BEd Honours (Educational Management) (Unisa); Advanced Certificate in Computer Integration (Unisa)

Email zeleke@wsu.za


Mr TE Matyebi

Room B5

BEd (Hons) Maths & Sciences (RU); FDE in Management (UOFS); Primary Teacher’s Diploma (Lumko College of Education)

Email tmatyedi@wsu.ac.za


Mr BI Ntsaluba

BSc (Hons) (Geology), BSc (Rhodes University)

Room B21

Email bntsaluba@wsu.ac.za