About Faculty of Management Sciences

The Faculty of Management Sciences welcomes you all to Walter Sisulu University: Butterworth Campus. This faculty boasts itself as the largest, progressive Faculty at the Campus with a number of diverse commerce-related programmes that attract students from different spheres of the country and abroad. The programmes offered include Accounting, Management, Public Management and Administrative as well as Tourism and Hospitality Sciences with the aim of addressing the needs of the business, industry, local and regional communities.

The faculty has already aligned most of its programmes with HEQSF’s new requirements, accredited by CHE and registered with SAQA. As a result National Diplomas will change to Diplomas and B Techs. to Advanced Diplomas. New Diplomas will be three year programmes and Advanced Diplomas will be one year duration. Current higher certificate programmes will no longer be offered after 2020. Faculty is in the process of developing a teach-out plan for the old programmes, which will be available to students in the first quarter of 2019.

This faculty continues to make a humble but very significant contribution to the core business of Walter Sisulu University (WSU).  We look forward to partner with you in your endeavours to fulfill your dreams and for the betterment of the region, the province as well as the country.

Our Vision

  • Our vision is to excel in the empowerment of world class professionals and entrepreneurs from developing communities.

Our Mission

  • We offer relevant programmes and training integrated with research and community engagement projects to empower our learners to become astute professionals.

Our Values

  • Academic excellence;
  • Professionalism;
  • Quality Education.




Mrs Bulelwa Nguza-Mduba

Dean of Faculty

Telephone: 047 401 6279

Email: bnguza-mduba@wsu.ac.za



Mr Manoj Panicker

Department of Accounting

Head of Department

Telephone: 047 401 6248

Emai : mpanicker@wsu.ac.za



Mrs Tozama Mdledle

Department of Management

Head of Department

Telephone: 047 401 6209

Email: tmdledle@wsu.ac.za



Mr Vuyo Cengimbo

Department of Tourism and Hospitality

Head of Department

Telephone: 047 401 6413

Email: zcengimbo@wsu.ac.za



Mr Chuma Novukela

Department of Public Management

And Administration

Head of Department

Telephone: 047 401 6227

Email: cnovukela@wsu.ac.za



Ms Felicia Mangisa

Faculty Officer

Telephone: 047 401 6236

Email: fmangisa@wsu.ac.za



Mr Chulumanco Mgweba

Office of the Dean

Telephone: 047 401 6185

Email: cmgweba@wsu.ac.za


About us:

Our Departments

*Department of Accounting

*Department of Management

*Department of Public Management and Administration

*Department of Tourism and Hospitality