Faculty of Educational Sciences

About Faculty of Educational Sciences

The vision of the University, namely to be a leading African comprehensive university focusing on innovative educational, research and community partnership programmes that are responsive to local, regional, national development priorities, and cognisant of continental and international imperatives, resonates appropriately with that of the Faculty which is to be a leading faculty in the Eastern Cape, South Africa and neighbouring countries in the preparation and provision of teachers of the highest quality, with emphasis on teachers of Mathematics, Science and Technology as well as other critical school learning fields and in the upliftment of regional,provincial and national communities through appropriate community development interventions.

It is that portion of the broad spectrum of the mission of the University which refers to the provision of affordable, appropriate, career-focused and professional programmes that addresses rural development and urban renewal with primary emphasis on science, technology and development studies which resonates aptly with the mission of the Faculty, namely commitment to excellence in the provision of programmes for the initial professional education of teachers (pre-service) and continuing professional teacher development (in-service) which are geared towards equipping both future and serving teachers with relevant knowledge and skills of the highest quality, with emphasis on teachers of Mathematics, Science and Technology as well as other critical school learning (subject) fields.

The Faculty is one of five faculties constituting the Mthatha Campus. It is made up of the following five departments:

• Department of Adult, Foundation Phase and Educational Foundations Education

• Department of Business, Commerce and Management Science Education

• Department of Continuing Professional Teacher Development

• Department of Humanities and Creative Arts

• Department of Mathematics, Natural and Consumer Sciences Education

The primary mandate of the Faculty of Educational Sciences is to produce and develop competent

teachers at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the various fields of the basic school

education, adult and community education systems. To do this the Faculty provides a range of

qualifications that enable young and aspiring students to study to become primary and secondary school

teachers or community educators in their communities. Students can choose to become teachers by

enrolling for a degree in Education (B Ed) or a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), specialising

in two or more school subjects. The B Ed degree has a number of specializations, ranging from Business

management stream, through Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Consumer Science, Languages,

Humanities (Geography and History) to Creative Arts (Music and Crafts).