Criteria for returning students

  • Filling in of application forms between October and 30 November annually.

  • Academic performance requirements are:

    • Double room is 60% pass

    • Single room is 70% pass

  • Distance between the permanent residence and the institution shall be applied.

  • Only registered students with proof of registration will be admitted to residences.


The Student Residence Office is responsible for allocating students to specific residences, houses and flats. These allocations are determined by Student Residence Admission Policy and implemented under the guidance of the student residence allocation committee. 

Allocation to specific rooms within the residences is managed by the Residence Officers. 

Cancellation of a room: WSU will cancel the offer made to any new or returning applicant who owes the university outstanding monies and is not able to register for the academic year or who is academically excluded due to misconduct or fails to comply with the rules and regulations of the university.