Department of Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering strives to provide technologically and vocationally trained graduates. It enables the University to meet the career needs of our community and satisfy the requirements of industry and commerce.

The Department seeks to produce graduates capable of dynamic participation in the economic and environmental development of the region and beyond.

Academic Programmes

The Department of Civil Engineering consists of two programmes:

  • Diploma: Civil Engineering
  • Advanced Diploma: Civil Engineering.

Students who register to do the Advanced Diploma: Civil Engineering may choose to specialise in water or transport studies.

Academic Staff

Head of Department: Dr AM Ikudayisi, Telephone +27 (0) 43 702 9258, Email:

Secretary: Mrs L Mokwele, Telephone +27 (0) 43 702 9264, Email:

Selection Criteria for New Students

  • The initial selection of new students is based on an applicant’s NSC or Matric results.
  • Where an applicant has symbols one level above the minimum admission requirement for Maths and Science, such an applicant will be offered direct enrolment.
  • Students offered direct enrolment will be required to participate in Standardised Assessment Tests (SATAPs) but in such cases, the results will only be used for diagnostic evaluation.
  • Students who do not gain direct enrolment but who meet the minimum admission requirements are provisionally accepted.
  • Such students are required to complete a set of three tests, which comprise of Mathematics, Physical Science and English Proficiency. Each test takes two hours to complete.

Admission Rules & Applications for Recognition of Credits

  • For Admission Rules, see the section on Admission Requirements above.
  • In addition, the Department considers courses done at other tertiary institutions for exemption, in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the University, subject to the following criteria.
  • If a student wishes to graduate from WSU but decides to enrol for one or more programme courses at another university, then the student must lodge a written application (through the HOD) before registration at the other institution. Students must take note of the institutional rules which state that:
    • Not more than 50% of the courses of the qualification will be exempted in this way. All exit level courses must be done at WSU.