Department of Applied Informatics & Mathematical Sciences

Welcome and Introduction to the Department

  • The Department is pleased to welcome all WSU students especially those enrolled with the programmes that we are servicing.
  • The AIMS Department is a service department that services students from different faculties in the University.
  • It is a Department under the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology in the Buffalo City Campus.
  • It was constituted through the merger of the Department of Applied Informatics and Mathematics after the implementation of the university turnaround strategy.
  • The integration of these departments is anticipated to be a solution in addressing the scarcity of mathematical and computational skills in the University, Eastern Cape Province and nationally.
  • The University's location is partly urban and partly rural which gives the department an opportunity to champion and lead research activities pertaining to the mathematical and computational challenges in schools, industry and communities in the province.
  • Some staff members in the department commute between sites since we service programmes at various sites.
  • The Department services programmes for the Faculty of Business Management and Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology.
  • Over and above the core academic services, the Department offers computer literacy short learning courses for students, staff and communities.
  • Research as an overarching component of teaching and learning in high education is highly embraced and executed at different levels for students’ teaching and learning and for staff academic development.
  • Our Department values the contributions of students, families and communities for the effective execution of the departmental mandate of achieving the university mission and vision.
  • It strives to deliver quality and uncompromised education by providing relevant skills for students within our limited resources.
  • Students, parents/guardians are welcomed to visit our offices on appointment should they wish to do so.
  • Generic information will be communicated through learner guides.
  • The Applied Informatics and Mathematical Sciences Department (AIMS) cooperates very well with other departments.
  • Students are advised to work hard, plan their study schedule in good time and utilise all available resources to support their learning to their maximum ability.
  • Together in excellence, we can make a difference and contribute effectively to our country’s economy.
  • The Department of Applied Informatics and Mathematical Sciences operates under the following values:
    • Excellence
    • Integrity
    • Justice
    • Honesty
    • Humility.

Vision and Mission of the Department

The Department of Applied Informatics and Mathematical Sciences aims to contribute to the achievement of local, regional and national goals of social and economic upliftment by creating a conducive environment for the development of sufficiently sophisticated graduates in mathematics and technology.

We encourage students to acquire research and entrepreneurial skills.