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  • The programme seeks to accelerate the growth and success of entrepreneurial enterprises and motivating a culture of entrepreneurship among student graduates, youth, alumni’s and shifting the minds of the youth and graduates to embrace venture and job creation.

The innovative, practical and holistic 360°GrowthWheel®development approach has been adopted at the centre.

The 360°GrowthWheel includes practical based learning consisting of 360° screening tools, custom-made frameworks, decision sheets, worksheets, and action plans.

  • GrowthWheel™ is a hands-on, action-oriented programme designed to help entrepreneurs at all stages in the business cycle to realise their company’s growth potential.

Milestone Module that will assist you to start, launch or grow your business:

#1. Business Concept and Product Design (Creating an idea into exitance)

#2. Organisation development (Building ownership and business processes)

#3. Business Operations (Building strong IT systems, financials and production)

#4 Customer relations (How to improve efficiency, marketing and Sales with service)

#5 Business Plan Development.

Modules/Milestones Module Description Focus Areas/Subjects

#1. Business Concept and Product Design (Creating an idea into Exitance)

  • Selling it to the right customer segments using the right revenue model and doing so while maintaining a strong market position
  • Getting the right business idea and designing the right product portfolio.
  1. Business Idea
  2. Product Portfolio
  3. Customer Portfolio
  4. Revenue Model
  5. Market Position

#2 Organisation Development (Building Ownership and Business Processes)

  • Network to get the right introductions. Choosing the right way to do marketing and organising an effective sales process.
  • Getting into the media and on the customer’s agenda by handling communication and PR.
  • Living the values that shape the branding of the products and company.
  1. Networking
  2. Marketing
  3. Sales & Services
  4. Communications & PR
  5. Branding

#3 Business Operations (Building strong IT Systems, Financials and Production)

  • Finding the right ownership and board, recruit and develop the right employees.
  • Outsourcing tasks through partnerships with suppliers, contractors and mapping core business processes.
  • Have the legal framework in place for working together


  1. Ownership & Board
  2. Employees
  3. Partnerships
  4. Business Processes
  5. Legal Issues

#4 Customer Relations (How to improve efficiency, marketing and sales with service)

  • Making sure the right financial practices are in place and ensuring that there is enough funding for profitable investments to be made
  • Setting up the right production and delivery system to secure profitability, IT systems to make operations profitable and facilities that make the operations effective.
  1.  Financials
  2. Funding
  3. Production and Deliveries
  4. IT Systems
  5. Facilities

#5 Business Plan Development

  • To introduce clients to the various components of the business plan and the level and extent of the information that should be included in each component.
  • How to write a compelling executive summary, business description, marketing strategy, operations strategy, management plan and financial plan.
  1. Business Model Canvas & Executive Summary
  2. Company Overview & Business Profile
  3. Marketing Plan
  4. Operations Plan
  5. Financial Plan
  6. Putting it all together