Higher Certificate: Versatile Broadcasting

What can a certificate holder do in this career?

With the growth of the commercial/community broadcast sector and the required sustainability of such stations

suitably qualified broadcasters will be ideally placed for employment as Professional broadcaster/Communicator,

Creative producer, Voice-over Artist, and in Community Radio Management.

 Who will employ a certificate holder?

Community, Commercial and Public broadcasting entities

 Purpose of the Qualification

The purpose of this offering is to provide the qualifying learners with the information and skills necessary to practice

as a professional broadcaster and communicator in this wide field. The information and skills encompass language,

interpersonal and mass communication, technical knowledge and operation, technical and creative production,

voice-over and presentation, management and marketing.

Exit Level Outcomes of the Programme

The qualifying learner should have the ability to:

  • Operate under supervision as a cadet radio broadcaster/announcer.
  • Combine theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • Practice functional communication and language skills.
  • Exhibit sound interpersonal and life skills.

Critical Cross-Field Outcomes

  • Problems are identified and solved in such a manner that decision-making reflects originality and a critical

evaluative approach.

  • Students work effectively with others as a member of a team, group, organisation and community.
  • Students are able to organise and manage time and activities responsibly and effectively.
  • Students are able to collect, organise, analyse and critically evaluate information.
  • Students can communicate effectively using visual and /or language skills in modes of oral and written


  • Students can use technology effectively and critically, showing responsibility towards the environment and the

health of others.

Minimum Admission Requirements

National Senior Certificate (NSC)

National Senior Certificate Accumulated points score. Required NSC Subjects (Compulsory), the minimum statutory NSC

requirements for Certificate entry must be met. Level 4 in English Home Language or English First.