Diploma in Local Government Finance

Management and Governance strive to instil entrepreneurial skills in our graduates to support their academic

talents. Therefore ongoing entrepreneurial exposure will be presented via successful local business people and

other entrepreneurial experts. The Department will use the Advisory Boards to assist in this regard. Students and

staff are encouraged become members of the various professional and institutional bodies.


Qualifying learners could follow a career within the Government Sectors in:

  • Financial Services
  • Administration
  • Management
  • Accounting
  • Project Management.

Purpose of the qualification

Municipalities across the country are actively enhancing their financial management capacity to ensure they comply

with legal requirements for their budgeting and spending. This diploma is aimed at assisting people working as

municipal finance offers to improve their qualifications and career prospects.

 Exit level outcomes of the programme

  • Demonstrate an understanding of how Local Government operates.
  • Apply support and administrative services in Local Government context.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of municipal financial management and budgeting.


Basis of Programme Academic Structure

The programme is offered in terms of the Formal Technikon Instructional Programmes in the RSA - NATED Report

151 (99/01) of Education NATED 150/151 document. South African Qualifications Authority Registered

Qualification: National Diploma Local Government Finance - ID 80170.

Admission Rules & Applications for Recognition of Credits

For Admission Rules see the section on Admission Requirements above. In addition the Department will consider

courses done at other Tertiary Institutions for exemption, in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the

University subject to the following criteria.

If a student wishes to graduate from WSU but decides to enrol for one or more programme courses at another

university, then the student must lodge a written application (through the HOD to Dean of Faculty) before

registration at the other Institution. Students must take note of the institutional rules which state that:

  • Not more than 50 % of the courses in the qualification will be exempted in this way.
  • All exit level courses must be done at WSU.
  • Only in exceptional circumstances will recognition of one (1) exit level subject from another university be

considered but such consideration is subject to a recommendation from the Department and approval thereof

by Senate.

Any provisional approval by department/faculty is subject to final approval by Senate [also see WSU’s General

Rules & Regulations].

Where the applicant cannot meet the criteria as is stipulated in this section, the applicant will be advised that the

qualification cannot be awarded by WSU and that he/she should apply to graduate at the other Institution.

Applications from students wishing to enrol for individual courses, which will not lead to the award of a qualification

(i.e. enrol for non degree/diploma purposes) will only be considered after students wishing to study towards full

degree/diploma qualifications have been accommodated, as enrolment is subject to space being available.

Students coming from other higher education institutions are to be advised at admission, by the Head of

Department that admission to the programme remains provisional and that at registration they are required to

immediately apply for recognition of any credits which they wish to be considered. Approval of such applications

is subject to the Application for Recognition of Credits form being approved by Senate. Where a student wishes to

apply to graduate the fully completed applications for Recognition of Credits, should form part of the graduation

application and must be received by the HoD before 15th January (for May graduation event) and before 30 April

(for September graduation event). Failure to comply with these requirements will result in non- processing of

applications and/or automatic de-registration of students.