Diploma in Management

Management and Governance strives to instil entrepreneurial skills in our graduates to support their academic

talents. Therefore, ongoing entrepreneurial exposure will be presented via successful local business people and

other entrepreneurial experts. Students and staff are encouraged to become members of the various professional

and institutional bodies.

 Career opportunities

Graduates can be employed as

  • Supervisors
  • First-Line Managers
  • Senior/Middle Manager
  • Branch Manager
  • Business Advisors

 Who will employ a Diplomate?

Government (national departments, provincial departments and local authorities); private and parastatal

organisations; research organisations; tertiary education institutions.

 Purpose of the qualification

This qualification is intended for persons who can function as operational and tactical (functional) managers in

any enterprise. The qualifying learner will be competent in applying selected management principles and

techniques in supporting and implementing strategies, policies and procedures.

Exit level outcomes of the programme

  • Manage information in an enterprise.
  • Manage resources for effective and efficient achievements of enterprise goals.
  • Manage and develop people to contribute constructively to the achievement of goals of the enterprise.
  • Apply the principles of marketing within the enterprise.
  • Manage human resources within the enterprise.
  • Manage purchasing within the enterprise.
  • Manage production within the enterprise.
  • Ensure organisational effectiveness within the enterprise.
  • Develop a holistic overview and understanding of the establishment and functioning of an enterprise.
  • Apply basic quantitative techniques for decision-making.
  • Apply basic principles of business communication within the workplace.
  • Know the basic principles of management.