Advance Diploma in Public Management

Management and Governance strive to instil entrepreneurial skills in our graduates to support their academic

talents. Therefore, ongoing entrepreneurial exposure will be presented via successful local business people and

other entrepreneurial experts. The Department will use the Advisory Boards to assist in this regard. Students and

staff are encouraged become members of the various professional and institutional bodies.

 Career opportunities

Qualifying learners could follow a career within the Public Sectors in:

  • Financial Services.
  • Administration.
  • Management.

What can a diplomate do in this career?

The public officials in South Africa operate in a wide variety of roles within the public management structures.

Often they work in diverse operating and service delivery circumstances. Therefore, they have to be widely

acknowledged for their understanding and awareness of the unique characteristics and challenges they may face

in the process of service delivery.

The sustainability of South Africa's democratic process and developmental governance are strongly linked to

capacity building within the three spheres of government, i.e. the national, provincial and local spheres of

government. It is imperative that public officials receive an up-to-date relevant and respected public financial

management and administration qualification that recognises that the knowledge and skills which South Africa's

public sector officials require have been satisfactorily obtained. In order to do that most effectively, public officials

need to have excellent awareness and understanding of the changing needs of today's public service delivery

systems and to identify very clearly the highly relevant expertise which these officials bring to their roles in the

public sector. Who will employ the diplomate?

Government (national departments, provincial departments and local authorities); private and parastatal

organizations; research organisations; tertiary education institutions

4.3.3 Purpose of the qualification

The purpose of the NQF level 5 Public Management is to provide a structured programme for public officials that

work with senior management officials so as to provide support to strategic leadership and management needed

to transform all spheres of government. The need for well-qualified efficient, client-oriented public officials is

therefore identified as a priority in all the three spheres of government. The National Diploma in Public Management

is aimed at practitioners working in the public sector.

Admission Rules & Applications for Recognition of credits

For Admission Rules see the section on Admission Requirements above. In addition the Department will consider

courses done at other Tertiary Institutions for exemption, in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the

University subject to the following criteria.

If a student wishes to graduate from WSU but decides to enrol for one or more programme courses at another

university, then the student must lodge a written application (through the HOD to Dean of Faculty) before

registration at the other Institution. Students must take note of the institutional rules which state that:

  • Not more than 50 % of the courses in the qualification will be exempted in this way.
  • All exit level courses must be done at WSU.
  • Only in exceptional circumstances will recognition of one (1) exit level subject from another university be

considered but such consideration is subject to a recommendation from the Department and approval thereof

by Senate.

  • Any provisional approval by department/faculty is subject to final approval by Senate [also see WSU’s General

Rules & Regulations].