National Diploma in Tourism

Qualification:          National Diploma in Tourism

Offering Type: Full-Time

 Entry Requirements for National Diploma (Tourism Management)

A senior certificate is a pre-requisite. A minimum higher-grade E symbol pass in English is a requirement. Passes in Mathematics, Business Economics, Travel & Tourism Studies, Geography, History and Accounting are recommended and preferred.

First-time applicants in the process of obtaining their Matriculation Qualification may submit their latest official symbols but might be wait-listed or conditionally accepted.


Step 1

Applicants are ranked according to the system where their SRS scores attained are multiplied by the Weight Factor. For example: an A-symbol in Accountancy SG calculates as: 6(SRS) X 4(WEIGHT) = 24. This exercise is repeated for all the final year school subjects taken and the total thereof is the WRS.





Accounting HG; Business Economics HG; English First Language

HG; Mathematics HG, Travel & Tourism SG


Accounting SG; Business Economics SG; English First Language SG;

English Second Language HG; Mathematics SG;


Commerce HG,: Economics HG; English Second Language SG;


Biology HG; Commercial Mathematics HG; Commerce SG; Economics

SG; Geography HG, History HG; Physical Science HG;


All other School Subjects



An applicant who’s WRS is 40 or greater is accepted but can still be subject to undergoing a scientific selection process of Psychometric Testing. Applicants may be expected to participate in a Selection Interview and write a Motivational Essay. (WRS of 35 to 39 is wait-listed and less than 35 is notselected). 


All successful applicants selected into the programme are required to do the English Language Skills Assessment (ELSA) test.

Exit Level Qualifications can only granted on application and after the successful completion of all the academic requirements of the relevant NQF Academic Structure. These are only available after a learner has decided to discontinue their studies (before completing all the requirements of the 360 credit qualification) and have not been registered for a period of no less than two years.