Faculty of Health Sciences



  • With the ongoing changes to the Higher Education landscape, it was envisaged that there will be improvements regarding student life.


The Faculty of Health Sciences is committed to computer literacy, computer-assisted learning and health informatics are fully integrated into our curriculum.

Computer-Assisted Learning in the Curriculum

  • As part of the curriculum, each first-year student will spend one afternoon per week from 14:00 to 17:00 in the computer labs.
  • During these lab sessions, students will receive ongoing training in a range of applications, including the Internet, on-line library catalogues, medical search engines, for example.
  • Students will also work on computer-assisted tasks and exercises related to other parts of the curriculum, and in preparation for group sessions.
  • Students will be assigned to an afternoon group during orientation.
  • Attendance of these sessions is compulsory.


  • First-year students in the Health Sciences Faculty will mostly make use of the student training laboratories in the Resource Centre for training and for self-study purposes.
  • When these facilities are in use for teaching purposes, students also have access to the computer laboratory on the 4th floor of the Health Sciences Library building.

Use of the Computer Laboratories

  • All students will be given a username (and email address) and password.
  • Your email address will be based on your student number, for example,  2002000@wsu.ac.za.
  • Please keep your password in a safe place.
  • If you lose your password or failure to change it in time, you can ask the laboratory tutors for a new one.
  • Facilities are limited and academic use takes precedence over social use.
  • The laboratory tutors will assist students wherever possible, but outside the teaching sessions it is not their task to teach you how to use a computer - you must attend the training offered to acquire the necessary skills.

Rules of the Computer Laboratories

  • The laboratory tutors are your first port of call for all computer or laboratory usage problems.
  • They will refer you or the problem if necessary.
  • Do not approach other laboratory staff, faculty office staff or teaching staff on these matters as they will be unable to assist and will refer you back to the tutors.
  • Eating and drinking are prohibited in the laboratories.
  • Computer Laboratory, 4th Floor
    Faculty of Health Sciences - Library
    Telephone +27 (0) 47 502 2233.


Monday - Thursday    08:30 - 21:45
Friday 08:30 - 17:45
Saturday 08:30 - 16:45



  • Currently, students from the Faculty of Health Sciences are accommodated in all available residences at Nelson Mandela Drive Site.
  • Students are required to undertake the whole process of registration before they are admitted to residences.
  • A student will also be required to pay the residential initial payment for the semester/year.
  • After receiving a clearance receipt, only then can student be entitled for room allocation.
  • Application forms for Residences will be made available from the Registration Office. For more information – contact the Office of the Dean of Students at (telephone) +27 (0) 47 502 2623.


Upon registration, students are free to join any student society at the University. In addition there are three main Faculty Societies as follows:

Health Science Students Council (HESSCO)

  • HESSCO is one of academic societies at WSU, representing Faculty of Health Sciences students in general. It is the supreme and mother body of all societies within the Faculty, under the umbrella of the Students’ Representative Council (SRC).
  • It represents students in Faculty Boards, all Students’ Faculty Council on national and international issues.
  • HESSCO is an affiliate of South African Medical Students’ Association (SAMSA), South African Students’ Nurses Organisation (SASNO) and National Organisation for Health Promotion.
  • To become a member of HESSCO, you pay a subscription fee which is paid during registration and the amount is determined by the HESSCO-AGM.
  • Every student has the right to be elected into HESSCO Executive.

Health Science Alumni Association (HSAA)

  • HSAA is an organisation formed by the finalists, graduates from the faculty, that is, doctors, nurses and other health professions.
  • They promote welfare and faculty and the University in general.
  • All societies are affiliates of Student Representative Council (SRC).
  • For more information regarding student activities, one should consult the University Prospectus.
  • It should be emphasised that WSU upholds the principles of rights of individuals that include religion, political and social associations.


  • The Faculty provides transport service from the University to places of learning at scheduled times.
  • Students are expected to strictly conform to scheduled times without exception.
  • The transportation of students from the University to Mthatha General Hospital is a privilege and not a right.