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Organisational Strategy

WSU will maintain the traditional role of a University as a centre of higher learning, where theoretical and other intellectual pursuits are combined to serve a larger and more specific role it has defined as that of a Developmental University, ascribing to itself the imperative of making a significant contribution to regional, national and continental development.


WSU’s vision and mission is informed by the National and Provincial Growth and Development strategies including:

  • acting as a major regional resource centre of excellence in rural development and urban renewal;
  • providing access to knowledge to a diversity of learners and actors from mainly rural, poor and disadvantaged communities;
  • relevance to local, provincial, national and regional development through innovative curricula and learning processes, applied research and effective community partnership;
  • responsiveness to and alignment with internal and external imperatives;
  • alignment/re-engineering of faculty programmes with all applicable higher education policies and the university’s mission;
  • development of a student access, retention and throughput strategy;
  • embedding of quality in all the institution’s systems and practices;
  • ensuring the viability of the institution, including the diversification of revenue streams and
  • changing the institutional culture in a fundamental way to define new strategies to improve staff morale by embedding the core values of the institution.