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About the Transformation and Language Directorate
  • The Transformation and Language Directorate (TLD) mandate is to drive the University Transformation agenda .
  • Formulate Institutional policies and implementation plans related to Transformation, Languages, Diversity Inclusion and Equity (disability and Gender) and to realign existing policies to the WSU transformation agenda.
  • Provide support to faculties in the formulating Curriculum transformation/language, and disability frameworks and Implementation plans.
  • Monitor and report on the implementation of the Institutional Transformation, Languages, Diversity Inclusion and Equity (disability and Gender) plans .
Governance structures
  • The Transformation and Languages Directorate (TLD) resides within the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor - Institutional Support (DVC-IS). DVC_IS is responsible and accountable for driving Transformation and Languages and all activities related to Institutional culture, Diversity Inclusion and Equity (disability and Gender)
  • Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic and Research (DVC-AAR) is responsible for leading teaching and learning, research and innovation and all transformation related issues related to the academic project.
  • Executive Deans, HODs, Senior Directors and Directors are responsible for leading transformation, languages , Institutional culture, Diversity, Inclusion and equity within their department.
  • Director: Transformation and language Directorate who reports directly to the Deputy Vice Chancellor -Institutional Support is responsible for the coordinating, monitoring ,evaluation and reporting on the implementation of the institutional Transformation Plan.
  • Language. Disability committees are responsible for playing an oversight role in the implementation and achievement of WSU transformation imperatives.
Transformation in Higher Education

The Education White Paper 3 (WP3) (1997): A Programme for Transformation of Higher Education remains one of the most important policy statements of the government with respect to higher education. It contains the vision of a transformed, democratic, non-racial and non-sexist system of higher education whose major objectives are to:

  • promote equity of access and fair chances of success to all while eradicating all forms of unfair discrimination and advancing redress for past inequities;
  • meet, through well-planned and coordinated teaching, learning and research programmes, national development needs … [for] a growing economy operating in a global environment;.
  • support a democratic ethos and culture of human rights, and;
  • contribute to the advancement of all forms of knowledge and scholarship, and in particular address the diverse problems and demands of the local, national, Southern African contexts and uphold rigorous standards of academic quality (DHET, 1997, p.14).

Transformation in South African universities should be reflected in all facets of the institution, such as governance, management and leadership, student environment, such as reasonable access and academic success, equity in staffing, institutional cultures, progressive and inclusive teaching and learning, research and knowledge systems, institutional equity, and the political economy of higher education funding (SAHRC, 2016).

Transformation at Walter Sisulu University

The Walter Sisulu Vision  is of being an “An impactful, technology-infused African University is central to WSU broad definition Transformation which is,  “Bringing about change towards excellence in teaching, research, community engagement, people management, processes, structures, and technology infused systems which are impactful within the African continent and internationally”.

Walter Sisulu University Transformation Pillars are listed below:

  • Co Functions or Academic Project
  • University Culture
  • Governance and Leadership
  • Structural Issues
Programs and Projects
  • Promotion of Diversity Equity and Inclusion;( Disability ,Gender)
  • Promotion of Multilingualism. and Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS);
  • Integrating African Languages in Teaching and Research;
  • Curriculum Transformation and Digital Transformation; and
  • Collaboration and partnership .
Contact Us

Dr. Marinkie Madiope: Director – Transformation and Language Unit

Cell:              067 426 1799


Mr Lulamile Mbongo

Manager : Transformation

Cell:    0663018551



Mr Sinoyolo Nokutywa

Manager : Languages

Cell:    067 426 1799



Ms Zanele Nomatshila

Manager : Disability

Cell:              0933381838



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