Community Engagement and Internationalisation

Financial Information

Registration and Tuition Fees

During registration, all international students must pay a once-off payment of R2,000.00 (Year 2020) international levy plus the registration fee (except refugees).

SADC students are required to pay the same tuition fee as South African students but other international students must pay two and half times the normal tuition.

No international student will be allowed to write the final exams with an outstanding balance.

Financial Aid

Unfortunately, international students do not qualify for the present financial aid available within the institution.

Sponsored Students

When registering, all sponsored students must submit an original copy of an official letter of sponsorship.



There are lots of options with regard to accommodation. Students can reside on-campus or off-campus in the residential areas surrounding the university. You can now apply for residence by clicking on the link below:

Criteria for returning students are:

  • Academic performance
  • Double room is 60% pass
  • Single room is 70% pass
  • Distance between the permanent residence and the institution shall be applied.
  • Only registered students with proof of registration will be admitted to residences.

Room Allocation and Cancellation of Residence Accommodation

The Student Residence Office is responsible for allocating students to specific residences, houses and flats.

These allocations are determined by the Student Residence Admission Policy and implemented under the guidance of the Student Residence Allocation Committee.

Allocation to specific rooms within the residences is managed by the residence officers

Cancellation of a Room: WSU will cancel the offer made to any new or returning applicant who owes the university outstanding monies and is not able to register for the academic year or who is academically excluded due to misconduct or fails to comply with the rules and regulations of the university.



Student at the residences, houses or flats will be required to pay an annual residence fee and amenities as may be defined by the University Council. Fees are charged from the opening date of the respective residence. A student is liable for the applicable fees when the accommodation offer has been accepted and signed by the student.

An initial amount of residence fee must be paid to the bank or university immediately after you have been offered accommodation and signed for it.


Students are responsible for damage caused to the furniture, fittings and all other parts of the residence, houses or flat within or outside the campus residences or in private residences. The cost of making good any damages for which a student responsible will be charged to his/her own fee account at the standard rates stipulated by the maintenance department.