NYDA 300x226As the figures of unemployment in South Africa continue to increase the National Youth Development Agency (National NYDA) is deteriorating the situation by training WSU journalism students to start and develop their business ideas.

This five-day training under the theme ‘Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB) ‘ was hosted at the WSU Heritage site. The SIYB programme trains potential entrepreneurs who have a feasible business idea.

Sibomgile Matiti, NYDA facilitator believes that their good work should speak highly about them and she reckons that everyone should be business minded even if does not desire to own business.

“Our dream is to develop youth where ever and whenever. We want say judge us based on what we have done for them. Sometimes it’s not necessarily to embark on business but more about acquiring knowledge. We have people who say they have learnt a lot from this training even if they don’t own business,” she said.

This training helps students develop a detailed business plan and it also provide an opportunity to test their required entrepreneurial skills.

Students are given a training manual book which entails topics about Business plan, marketing plan organizing and management and other interesting business topics that can develop entrepreneurial skills.

Students are given an opportunity to present their business ideas and the trainer guides them through the stages of making a business plan, managing and also marketing the business. The students conduct activities on the manual book and do presentations.

NYDA has worked with Ikhala and Lovedale College under different theme where they help to prepare students for Jobs.

Abongile Diniso, a second year journalism said the training has been an eye opener to him, and he is still hoping to learn new things that he might use in future.

“What I have learnt so far is how to identify a business idea and how to market your business or services. But above everything that I have learnt so far is the importance of the business plan. Everyone should have a business plan before embarking on business”, said Diniso.

He added that this training will have positive impact on students and he believes there will be a successful business that will come out of this training.

“What am hoping to is achieve at the end of this training is to be acquire pitching skills that will help me get a funding. I have noticed that most of us do have business ideas but what is lacking is research and ability to present them,” he said.

On the 27 August the students will pitch their business ideas and those who want to pursue their business ideas and get funding will be given an opportunity to pitch to NYDA grant officials.

By Mawande Mute