eNACTUS 300x226Walter Sisulu University Senior Student Development Practitioner and head of the WSU ENACTUS team, Nombulelo Blaai took home the administrator of the year award at the ENACTUS South Africa National Competition.

This award recognises the administrator and the university administration which did the most outstanding job of supporting the ENACTUS team in their university.

Entrepreneurial Action (ENACTUS) is an international student empowerment organisation that seeks to eradicate poverty through entrepreneurial skills and knowledge.

Held in Johannesburg recently, the ENACTUS South Africa National Competition saw a distinguished panel of top executives reviewing the presentations of the country’s university teams.

The purpose of the panel was to decide the national champion in the different categories which included; the most outstanding growth during the ENACTUS competition and many others.

Asked about what winning the award meant to her and what change it has brought to her life. Blaai said she feels proud that she can set an example that hard work and being passionate about what you do leads to success.

“I felt honoured to get recognition for the work that I am doing because this award has looked at many areas like, leadership, efficiency and coordination, impact, integrity, diversity and communication.

ENACTUS South Africa uses their discretion and checks how all other universities and officials are doing their administrative tasks in support of the teams and how responsive the Administrator is when communicating with ENACTUS South Africa.

Other qualities that are checked for include looking at how organised, co-ordinated and professional is the official when dealing with issues pertaining to ENACTUS and the team.

Blaai says that through this award she hopes that students of WSU will see the importance of professionalism, commitment and dedication to the work they do.

“I really hope that it will also help young people make positive changes to their lives and communities through their leadership, commitment and involvement.”

Blaai says winning this award has serves as a confirmation of what was said in 2015, when the National Association for Student Development Practitioners (NASDEV) recognised her as the Best Administrator of the Year.

By Xolelwa Dwesini