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WSU Fine Art students displayed arresting scenes of political, socio-economic and spiritual works of art at the Ann Bryant Gallery this week – a sight to set your consciousness awoke.

One such consciousness is that of WSU’s Vice-Chancellor & Principal, Professor Rob Midgley who selected paintings amounting to R25,000 in support of these budding artists.

Prof. Midgley said that the art works would go up in spaces on all four campuses of the university to give the institution some artistic soul.

“We forget that no university can operate if it does not have a soul and that soul is when the arts come up. We’re talking about music, the visual arts that we’re celebrating here today,” said Midgley.



The VC pressed on the importance of being cultured and celebrating all cultures which is what, in essence, makes us human.

“If we do not have that cultural bit inside us – then we are not complete human beings. When I come here [art gallery] there’s a little peace that I get as I walk around trying to connect in my own little way. I am incredibly proud of the work that’s being done in this department by the students. I maintain that this department is one of the best kept secrets in Africa.



The WSU Visual Arts Department hosts an annual exhibition where final-year fine art B. Tech students showcase their research based art pieces.

One brow-raising exhibition is that of Lumanyano Gosani, titled: “The Collapse: Ceramist’s Commentary On Dilapidated Public Healthcare in The Eastern Cape.

“The study focuses on the fundamental aspects such as the right to healthcare, public hospitals and infrastructure with a focus on rural areas of the province. The aim of the study is to put forward a radical challenge to government officials on the fact that public health in the province has deteriorated so badly in the past 24-years of democracy,” said Lumanyano.



The works will be on display from 5 to 13 November at the Ann Bryant Gallery in St Marks Street, Southernwood, East London.