res 2 300x226Following the country’s eased lockdown regulations to alert risk level one, WSU students will soon occupy a newly refurbished Iphulo Residence that boasts 220 beds with modern finishes, recreational facilities and security upgrades to the value of R52 million.

To create a conducive living environment and the eradication of lacking student accommodation, the Mthatha: Nelson Mandela Drive site will see the completion of renovations on the student residence that commenced on 20 June 2019.

Numerous improvements have been made to the campuses which include the installation of Wi-Fi access, upgrading common spaces, security, teaching and improved access for people with disabilities as well as:

  • Improved residence access control
  • Improved residence surveillance cameras
  • Improved residence renovation of indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Improving residence occupational health and safety
  • Res maintenance – MT

The residence will be officially handed over to the university by the construction company before the end of the 2020 academic year.

Other areas sharing a similarly glorious fate are the Zamukulungisa site, Komani, Buffalo City and Butterworth Campuses.

At the Zamukulungisa site in Mthatha, where the construction of two new 200 and 400 seater auditoria commenced on 3 April 2018 are erect.

Walter Sisulu University is a proudly Eastern Cape university with a footprint of four campuses spread throughout the eastern part of the Eastern Cape, from East London in the south, to Butterworth and Mthatha in the north and Queenstown to the west.

These four campuses have multiple sites. In East London, the University is spread over six sites – Potsdam, College Street, Cambridge Street, Chiselhurst, Buffalo City Stadium and the Heritage Building.

Queenstown (Komani), or the Whittlesea campus, and Butterworth, also known as Ibika, are sometimes grouped together, based on past history when these were managed as one campus.

The biggest of campuses is Mthatha which has three sites – Faculty of Health Sciences, Nelson Mandela Drive and Zamukulungisa.