Faculty of Health Sciences

PhD in Health Sciences

The programme is designed to develop promising scientists into critical thinkers capable of initiating and implementing independent research in the biomedical and health related sciences. The graduate will also have the potential to become educators at the tertiary level.

The Doctor of Philosophy is a research degree. A student conducts research under the supervision of a member of the Academic Staff in the Faculty of Health Sciences. The enrolment into the programme can be either fulltime or part-time. Part-time students will be permitted to complete the degree in 3 years, which is the envisaged minimum time for the full-time student.

Candidates for the Doctor of philosophy degree must be graduates with a minimum of 600 tertiary level credits, usually in Biomedical Sciences, in Medicine, in Nursing, or in any other Health related Sciences. Prospective candidates must have completed modules dealing with Statistics and Research Methodology. Exceptional applicants who have not completed all the pre-requisite course work may be accepted provided that the necessary levelling work is taken during the first year. A personal interview may be required.