Faculty of Health Sciences


Entry Requirements

Postgraduate Diploma in Health Promotion or,

A degree in health related field, honours level (NQF 8) or, A degree in social sciences and/or humanities, honours level (NQF 8).

Duration of the Course

1 Year for applicants with a Post Graduate Diploma in Health Promotion 2 Years for other applicants.

Admission/selection procedure

Preference for admission to the programme will be given to applicants with:

          The minimum entry requirements

          Clearly identified career goals that are consistent with the anticipated training

          A strong academic record and academic preparation

          Written commitment for support (class attendance, tests, assignments, exams, etc.) from employer

A selected number of candidates will be short-listed for an interview, after which, recommendations for final selection for admission will be made. The closing date for applications will be 30 September each year.

Registration Students who are not fully registered with the University will not be admitted to write tests and examinations.

Summary of Courses




Methods and Strategies in Health Promotion

HPM 52M1


Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Research

EBR 41M1


Contemporary Issues in Health Promotion

CIH 41M2


The Social Context of Health Promotion

SCH 42M3


The Psychological Basis of Health Promotion

PBH 42M4



HPR 50M6


Health Promotion in the Community

HPC 52M8


Health Promotion in the Work Place

HPW 52M9


Policy Development in Health Promotion  

PDH 42M6  




Students who possess the Postgraduate Diploma in Health Promotion will be credited for the courses they did in that course. All other students will be required to complete all the above modules.


Assessment  will  be  formative and summative. Each  module  will  be  assessed,  and  needs  to be passed, separately.   Any student who without a valid reason with proof and/or without the permission of the programme  coordinator/ Head of Department, fails to present him/herself to a class test, practical, assessment will fail such test.

Any student who does not turn up for the examination without prior arrangement with the programme coordinators and/or the Head of Department will fail the examination. In the event of unpreventable causes for default, a   valid reason with documented proof will be required for admission into special/supplementary examinations.

Computation of Marks

All marks shall be expressed as percentages. The assessment programme, its format as well as test dates shall be communicated to the students timeously each year. The year semester mark is the mark obtained during the formative assessments. The combined mark (final mark) in a prescribed course shall be computed from the arithmetic mean year mark obtained for that course and the examination mark.

In line with the university rules for a degree, diploma, or certificate, a student who fails to obtain an exam pass  

In a prescribed course, obtaining between 40 – 49%, but obtains a combined mark of not less than forty  five Percent (45%) in it, may be permitted by Senate to present himself for supplementary examination. A student who gets  a combined mark of less than 45% has failed and will be required to repeat that particular course/module. A  student who gets less than 40% in the exam will be required to repeat that particular course/module regardless of their combined mark.

Supplementary Examinations

Students who fail to obtain 40 – 49% during an examination and a combined mark of not less than 45% may be permitted by senate to present him/her for a supplementary examination. Final supplementary mark will be computed using combined year/semester mark and supplementary examination. A student who fails the supplementary examination (obtaining less than 50%) will be required to repeat the course/module.


A student who fails more than 50% of the prescribed modules for the year shall be excluded on academic  ground. Any student who fails a prescribed module after 2 attempts shall be excluded from the programme on academic grounds.

Any student who fails to complete his Masters degree within the prescribed maximum period of registration (four years for full time students, five years for part-time students) shall be excluded from the programme.