Faculty of Health Sciences


  • The programme is mainly aimed at providing both basic and applied research skills in physiology for graduates with honours in physiology and allied sciences to pursue further training in physiology.
  • The emphasis is laid on applied research as applicable to common clinical conditions that affect the general public in the rural areas of South Africa especially in the Eastern Cape.

Recognition of Prior Learning

  • Honours in Physiology or equivalent.

Duration of the Course

  • One year full time; two years part-time.

Summary of Courses





Readings/ Discussions in Physiology


PIO 56M0



Research Project  

PIO 55M0  




Delivery Mode

  • The programme is offered to facilitate understanding of basic concepts in physiology and is in the form of seminars, assessments and self-directed learning.
  • Research projects are supervised by well-qualified academic staff whose research expertises in the following areas are complimented by research facilities in the Department of Physiology:

1. Gastrointestinal physiology

2. HIV & Cardio Vascular parameters

3. Metabolic syndrome and Medicinal plants research

4. Eclampsia and CVS changes

5. Medical education research

6. Reproductive Physiology.


  • Compulsory in all seminars and active participation in discussions is expected.


  • Seminars and assignments are conducted periodically and evaluated.
  • Feedback is provided to improve the quality of presentations and where necessary additional tools of learning are applied.
  • Research project will be evaluated by two internal examiners and one external examiner according to general University rules.

Research Project

  • Research project will be evaluated by one internal examiner and two external examiners according to general University rules.
  • Departmental and Faculty research proposal seminar will be presented by the candidate.
  • Final results seminar will be presented at Faculty level prior to external examiner assessment of the project.
  • The average marks of internal and external examiners contribute towards the final research project mark.
  • This is according to general University rules.
  • A student will be required to resubmit the project if he/she has failed to obtain the mandatory 50% in the project.