Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences & Law

About the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences & Law


The Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law will be a centre of excellence in the provision of sound academic programmes and research that are innovative and responsive to the needs of the community and aligned to the regional, national and international imperatives in the relevant disciplines.


The Faculty is committed to excellence in:

  • Equipping students with socio-scientific knowledge and skills to contribute meaningfully to the socio-economic development of the region, the country and beyond.
  • In the preparation of learners to become efficient professionals in their respective disciplines.
  • In the provision of community development and research programmes that address the needs of this region and contribute to national development.


  • To be a leading humanities faculty in the country
  • To be the custodian of diverse programmes of the highest quality which address the full range of needs within the humanities, social sciences and law
  • To contribute to addressing the socio-economic developmental needs of the region through community engagement and research and learner empowerment
  • To produce learners of high quality that have a balance in terms of development spiritually, mentally and physically.


  • To establish within the Faculty departments of excellence for the preparation of learners for diverse challenges in life
  • To expand the curriculum to include critical areas of learning including the infusion of HIV/Aids, rural development and indigenous knowledge systems
  • To use languages as a tool to make communities and learners aware of the value of arts and culture
  • To integrate the programmes of the various departments to facilitate articulation within the Faculty
  • To form partnerships with relevant stakeholders to project in vision and deed a united front.


  • Infusion of HIV/Aids and rural development in all faculty programmes
  • An investigation into the nature, scope and significance of Indigenous Knowledge Systems
  • Development challenges of rural communities.