Diploma: Tourism Management

The purpose of this programme is to equip students with thorough knowledge in the Tourism discipline. The purpose of this programme is to equip students with thorough knowledge in the Tourism discipline. The qualifying learner will have the competence to independently manage and integrate specialist activities within the Tourism value chain.

Minimum Admission Requirements

Grade 12/Matric

Senior Certificate Requirement:

English (Home or Additional Language) 3 (40-49), Achievement rating of 3 (40-49) in any 3 of the following school subjects: History, Geography, Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy, Tourism,Agriculture, Life Orientation, Physical Science, Life Science, Accounting, Business Studies and Economics.

FET Colleges

National Certificate (OLD) Requirement:

Pass with HG-E or SG-D in English, and E in any three (3) of the following: History, Geography,Tourism, Agriculture, Life Orientation, Physical Sciences, Accounting, Economics, Business Economics, Mathematics

National Certificate (Vocational) Level 4:

Pass all 3 Fundamental subjects with 50% and above (English, Life Orientation and Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy). Pass with 60% and above in 3 of the Vocational subjects: Client Service and Human Relations L4, Science of Tourism L4, Sustainable Tourism inSA & International Travel L4 and Tourism Operations L4.

Recognition of prior learning (RPL)RPL will apply to this programme. As per WSU admissions policy, credits achieved by RPL must NOT exceed 50% of the total credits and must NOT include credits at the exit level. In particular applicants with several years of experience in the Tourism industry will be assessed and recognised through recognised methods.

International Students

 Applications from international students are considered in terms of:

HESA/Institutional guideline document, “Exemption Requirements: Foreign School Qualifications”

Institutional equivalence reference document

(Where required) submission of international qualification to SAQA for benchmarking in terms of


Registration requirements that must be met first time entering students must enrol for all the required courses at that level (i.e. at S1/ Level 1). If a student fails courses spanning multiple levels then the student must firstly enrol for the courses at the lowerlevel. Consideration for enrolment of courses at the higher level will only be considered if the pre-requisite criteriafor these courses are met AND if there are NO timetable clashes.

A student will not be allowed to jump levels or enrol for courses at more than two levels (e.g. a student with Level1 S1 courses outstanding cannot enrol for Level 3 S3 courses but will be required to complete the Level 1 S1 first). The Head of Department may limit the number of courses that a student may enrol for when poor academic progress is evident.