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Vision and Mission


Walter Sisulu University’s purpose is to address societal grand challenges and change people’s lives through:

  • Graduating versatile, work-ready individuals
  • Producing relevant, innovative and impactful research
  • Championing sustainable development and in particular, social justice.


Walter Sisulu University (WSU) will be a leading African comprehensive university focusing on:

innovative educational, research and community partnership programmes that are responsive

to local, regional, national development priorities and cognisant of continental and international



In pursuit of its vision as a developmental university, WSU will:

• Provide an educationally vibrant and enabling environment that is conducive to the

advancement of quality academic, moral, cultural and technological learner-centred

education for holistic intellectual empowerment, growth and the effective use of information.

• Provide and maintain the highest possible standards in innovative learning and teaching,

applied, basic and community-based research and community partnerships in cooperation

with development agencies, the public and private sectors.

• Provide affordable, appropriate, career-focused and professional programmes that address

rural development and urban renewal with primary emphasis on science, technology and

development studies.

• Create a new generation of highly-skilled graduates capable of understanding and addressing

complex societal challenges, with critical scholarly and entrepreneurial attributes grounded

on morally sound work ethics and responsible leadership.


In pursuit of its Mission, WSU commits itself to the following values which are an affirmation of

the eternal principles which will inform all dealings of the University:

• Academic Freedom: In line with our vision and mission as an accountable institution, we

acknowledge our right to exercise academic freedom in a responsible way, in teaching and

learning, in research and in community service.

• Quality: We commit to institution-wide quality management, value and reward excellence

and uphold and protect the integrity of the University.

• Access and success: We provide equitable access to higher and continuing education at

all stages of adult life to students who have a potential to succeed.

• Transformation: We are committed to addressing equity imperatives, diversity and

entrepreneurship and to democratic governance.

• People development: We are committed to the optimum development of the human

resources potential and leadership capacity of all staff.

• Caring University: We commit to mutual respect, Ubuntu, humility, good citizenship,

student centredness and endorse and uphold all principles of Batho Pele1


• Resource Consciousness: We commit to utilising the University’s resources prudently

and responsibly at all times with a view to adding maximum value to the institution.