Community Engagement and Internationalisation

Welcome to the International Education Directorate

Molweni! Sanibonani! Bonjour! Jambo! Hallo! Helo! Namatse! Ola! Dumelang! Hello!! Me’ te’ wa kone! Etesin! Assalamualeikum!

Greetings and welcome to Walter Sisulu University (WSU).  It is impossible to greet you all in the language represented on our campuses because Walter Sisulu University is culturally diverse.  Walter Sisulu has more than 25 countries represented across its four campuses. These countries are represented by 25 academics, students and support staff.

At WSU, the Office for International Education falls within the Community and Engagement and Internationalisation Directorate. 

The Office for International Education’s goal is to showcase the University’s commitment to international education, facilitating academic programmes such as student exchange programmes, foreign language study, work/study abroad programmes, cross-cultural training, and providing support to administrative matters which have a material bearing on international mobility (for example, arrangement for obtaining visas).  It is no small task but it is a challenge, we tackle with much enthusiasm.

Please feel free to contact the Office for International Education should you need our assistance.

Once more, Welcome to Walter Sisulu University!

Mzolisi Payi

Mzolisi Payi

Director: Community Engagement and Internationalisation