Teaching & Learning

Learning and Teaching with Technology

Encouraging the use of new technologies for instruction relies on the existence of an “enabling environment” for lecturers developing instructional technology skills and competencies and for students accessing course content online

The key functions of the Technology Infused Learning Unit are to:

  • Implement the LTwT Strategy and conduct training on the integration of ICT in learning and teaching with staff and students
  • Implement and expand the usage of technology in teaching & learning
  • Identify and develop appropriate opportunities across the curriculum where ICT can enrich teaching and learning
  • Keep abreast of new technological developments and new government initiatives in ICT in higher education.
  • Manage the design, development and provision of eLearning workshops and presentations for staff and students
  • Add users to the LMS, making back-ups and providing the technical aspect of creating LMS courses and providing training at times.
  • Coordinate the provision of departmental requests for special ICT programmes or for discipline-specific software
  • Train academic staff and offering support for discipline-specific software.
  • Train students on use and access to discipline electronic sources
  • Develop an elective module on ICTs for the Post Graduate Diploma in higher education (PGDHE)
  • Position the university for the 4IR.