Komani - Campus Management Committee

Campus Rector : 


Professor M Speckman : DTh, MTh (Natal), BTh (Hons), (BA) Rhodes, (DipTheol), (APM)

(Unisa-SBL), Fedsem, (Unisa), (Rhodes), DTh (Unisa)

Faculty Deans

Faculty of Education & School Development (Acting): Dr T Mpiti : Certificate of Statement of Assessment of Teaching Competence in the Foundation (CCDC), Pre-school Management (CCDC), Certificate in Business Management(Boston), Certificate in Business Administration (Boston), Intermediate Certificate in Marketing Management (Boston), BEd (Foundation and Intermediate Phase), BEd (Honours), MEd (English First Additional Language), Doctor of Philosophy: Education (English First Additional Language). 

Faculty of Economics & Information Technology Systems (Acting) - Dr P Bwowe : PhD Business Management (NWU), MBA (NMMU), Btech Business Management (NMMU) BA Hons (UNISA) BA Ed (Makerere)