Faculty of Natural Sciences

Faculty of Natural Sciences

The Faculty of Natural Sciences comprises the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Mathematical Sciences and Computing as well as Chemical and Physical Sciences.

The Faculty offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree qualifications ranging from Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science (Honours), Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy.

In addition, a limited number of diploma qualifications are also offered in the Natural Sciences.

The Faculty is located at the Nelson Mandela Drive site of the Mthatha campus.


The Faculty of Natural Sciences consists of three departments specialising in highly relevant programmes within the Biological, Environmental, Chemical, Physics, Mathematical, Statistical as well as Computing and Applied Mathematics.


Faculty Management Staff

Dean of Natural Sciences

Prof BN Nkeh-Chungag

Email fns-dean@wsu.ac.za

Telephone  +27 (0) 47 502 2454

Faculty Support Staff

Faculty Administrator

Ms Nokuzola Dangazele

Email ndangazele@wsu.ac.za

Telephone +27 (0) 47 502 1968/2454

Faculty Secretary

Mr Mfundo Funani

Telephone +27 (0) 47 502 1968/2454

Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Head of Department


Telephone +27 (0) 502 2380


Mrs Nokuphiwa Gangathele-Vice

Telephone +27 (0) 502 2186

Administrative Assistant

Ms Dina Giba

Telephone +27 (0) 502 2181

Department of Chemical and Physical Sciences

Head of Department

Prof Sam Chikwembani

Telephone +27 (0) 502 2919



Telephone +27 (0) 502 2409

Department of Mathematical Sciences and Computing

Head of Department

Mr Chrispin Kabuya

Telephone +27 (0) 502 2049


Ms NB Mnguni

Telephone +27 (0) 502 1962